The fact that you’ve even looked at this page means the world to us. It means you care about the success of this event. Thank you! We will try to simplify this process to not waste any of your time. Please click that you are attending on the event page as well.
Below you will find Mobile and Desktop options for sharing the event with your Facebook friends and acquaintances. Desktop is the fast process but mobile will also be a breeze.


Head to the Facebook event page. Click the three dots. For some users the three dots may be replaced by a share button. Click invite people. Select invite on all users you’d like to invite. It’s best to not be selective and click through the list quickly. The gallery below shows these steps.


Head to the Facebook event page. Click the invite button. Click Select All. Click Send Invites. The gallery below shows these steps.
You can also select all friends from the left invite people menu. This will give you access to all of your contacts. These will need to be individually clicked.