Please follow these instructions & your tattoo artists advice only. Although your friends are cool, & sometimes have good ideas, we are the tattoo experts.
A tattoo should initially heal within 7 to 14 days. Complete healing will take up to 45 days, which is the time it takes for the skin to regenerate itself after being damaged. It is important to take proper care of a new tattoo during the healing period, not only for the sake of the skin, but for the appearance of the tattoo as well.
During the first two weeks of the healing period, avoid hot tubs, swimming pools, & lake/ocean water. These areas harbor bacteria that could cause an infection. Also, avoid exposure of the area to any water for longer than 5-10 minutes, this includes shower or bath.
Day 1-3
The bandage that we have placed on your new tattoo needs to be removed within 1-2 hours. During the first 3-4 hours, the tattoo has to be washed every 20-30 minutes with unscented antibacterial soap, warm water, & a soft cloth. Blood or plasma may seep to the surface, & it should be blotted off by dabbing with a towel, do not wipe across the skin.
Hour 5 – Day 3
The tattoo area needs to be cleaned at least twice a day, your hand instead of a cloth to wash the area. A cloth is too abrasive for the new skin that is forming; this is why we recommend using a freshly cleaned hand. If blood or plasma is left on the skin, it will form a scab.
Beginning with the first time the tattoo region is cleaned, Vitamin A&D ointment is to be applied to the area when it’s dry. This should be done after every wash for the first 3 days of the healing period. When applying, use only enough to make the healing area shine. Do not use a thick layer.
After applying the ointment, wait five minutes & gently blot off any blood & excess ointment that has risen to the surface. If blood is left on the skin, it will form a scab. Do not re-bandage.
Check the packaging for the active ingredients & other information. If you have an allergy to any of the ingredients in Vitamin A&D ointment, please consult Studio 13 for alternate aftercare instructions.
Day 4-7
During this point in healing, the skin around the tattoo will start to peel like a sunburn. As difficult as it might be, do not pick at the skin. This will damage the tattoo. Apply unscented moisturizing lotion at a minimum of 5 times daily, until the area is fully healed. If the area begins to itch, this could be a sign that the tattoo is becoming too dry, apply more lotion.
Day 8-10
The skin should have peeled away & left shiny, wrinkly new skin. Continue to apply lotion at a minimum of 5 times daily.
Day 14-Forever
At the end of the first 2 weeks, the tattoo should look like it’s healed, though it will take the full 45 days for the skin to completely regenerate itself. Continue to use lotion on your tattoo 3-5 times daily, until the new skin is completely regenerated. For the best appearance of any tattoo remember to apply lotion daily.